Privacy policy of Perkodar

This Privacy Policy, was last updated in July 2020 and describes what information we collect and how we use it. This Policy-document may change in any time, when releasing new updates or new apps.

Collected information

The only data Perkodar collects in the apps is data that describes how the user is playing the games and using the apps - This data is used for coming updates to make the user experience even better.

No sensitive data is stored

Example of stored data:

  • What levels are completed?
  • How fast are the levels completed?
  • Does most of the users get stuck in the same place?


Perkodar does not use cookies, however some information will be saved on the local device to make the user experience better.

Example of stored data on the device:

  • What levels are completed? - Start at the correct level
  • Did the user read the policy document - if yes, dont show it again

Third parties


We are showing ads in some of our apps. For that we are collaborating with Google Admob. Please read Googles privacy policy here:

The ads are personalized from Admob in our apps. If you don't accept this. Do not use our apps

If you have any questions, contact us in the contact form on this site.

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